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354th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

354th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (Color).

354th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (Color).

The 354th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides mission ready maintainers and mission ready aircraft to support the wing's F-16 aggressor mission which includes home station, the exercise RED FLAG-Alaska, and Aggressor road shows. The squadron is responsible for all aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul, sortie production and weapons loading for the wing's F-16 Aggressor aircraft. The squadron consists of Squadron Programs office, Operations, and the 18th Aircraft Maintenance Unit.

The Squadron Programs office is responsible for executing command and control for squadron level programs to include security, training, unit deployment management, resources, building management, and support staff functions.

The Operations function is responsible for the fleet health of the wing's aggressor aircraft. They oversee both the long-range planning and near-term execution of the wing's annual flying hour program, manpower, aircraft repair schedules and ensures compliance with environmental, safety, and technical order standards.

The 18th Aircraft Maintenance Unit supports the 18th Aggressor Squadron. Within the AMU there are six major sections, aircraft crew chiefs, system specialists, debrief, weapons loaders, support personnel and production staff. Additionally, the AMU is charged with the responsibility to enforce quality control, maintenance discipline, maintenance training, and oversight of tools and test equipment programs.