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354th Communications Squadron

354th Communications Squadron (Color).

354th Communications Squadron (Color).

The 354th Communications Squadron manages, operates, maintains and provides command and control communications and computer systems, navigational aids and information management services, supporting the 354th Fighter Wing's combat and combat support missions. The unit also provides these services and support to the many tenant organizations on base.

The squadron operates and maintains a wide range of communications, computer and networking systems, and is organized into two flights.

The Operations Flight provides a wide variety of base-level communication support through the Network Control Center (NCC), Network Infrastructure, Airfield and Transmission Systems offices. The NCC is comprised of the Communications Focal Point (CFP), Network Administration and Information Protection work centers. The CFP opens and tracks any communications related outages and coordinates maintenance actions with higher headquarters.

The Network Administration section is responsible for the daily operations of all Fighter Wing computers to include e-mail, authentication and web servers. The Information Protection Office manages the perimeter network equipment to include the firewall and external routers. The Network Infrastructure section designs and maintains the backbone of the base's network infrastructure. This includes all of the communications circuits that traverse from building to building or from Eielson to another military installation or commercial communications provider. The Airfield Systems shop provides aircraft navigation and communications systems to enable successful runway operations at Eielson AFB and surrounding areas. They provide Instrument Landing Systems, Localizers, TACAN, and weather data directly to aircraft operating in the local area. The Transmission Systems section monitors and maintains all of the Giant Voice systems on base as well as providing Land Mobile Radio support and Public Address support to base entities for official functions.

The Plans and Resources Flight manages communications-computer projects and upgrades, keeping them on track and ensuring they become reality. The flight has the Wing COMSEC and Information Assurance offices, which provide all classified communications support and communications security support for all base and tenant organizations and manages the base's network security functions and information assurance training. The flight's Equipment Control Office manages $14M in information technology equipment supporting 3.5K users. The flight is responsible for managing the unit's budget and ensuring each AEF and UTC tasked individual is fully prepared and qualified to deploy and support the wing's combat support mission. The flight also has the 3A Functional Manager and the 3A training cell, responsible for ensuring all 3AXXX personnel assigned to Eielson AFB are properly trained and positioned to be as effective as possible. Contractors within the unit provide a wide range of communications support to the base. Contractors are responsible for cable, antenna, telephone, LMR, frequency management, records/publications management, privacy act, official mail, postal service center, and switchboard operations.