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354th Mission Support Group

354th Mission Support Group (Color).

354th Mission Support Group (Color).

The 354th Mission Support Group supports the 354th Fighter Wing by providing combat-ready forces, equipment, and essential services while sustaining base infrastructure and providing programs to improve quality of life for the Eielson community. From family services to construction and security, the 354th Mission Support Group keeps the physical installation and its personnel performing at peak efficiency, despite the challenging arctic weather conditions presented by interior Alaska. The group also provides a comfortable home for Eielson's associate units.

Eielson operates much like any town and boasts a population of nearly 10,000 people. A big part of the mission support group mission is to provide all the services and facilities necessary to make Eielson safe, comfortable, and pleasant for the Iceman Team. Skilled craftsmen operate a coal-fired heat and power plant, water plant and wastewater treatment facility, making this installation entirely self-sufficient. Security forces and fire department personnel provide a safe environment for our families.

The mission support group manages and maintains over 1,500 military housing units and over 400 dormitory rooms. Other activities such as the dining facility, fitness center, library, skills centers, child development center and clubs are vital to the health and morale of everyone who calls Eielson "home." Transportation packs, crates, and ships aircraft parts, household goods, freight, and personal automobiles. It manages and maintains the entire base vehicle fleet, including the repair and upkeep of mission essential snow removal equipment. Additionally, it provides all transportation support to Clear Air Force Station, to Cope Thunder personnel, and to the Arctic Survival School. Supply provides fuel, supplies and mobility support to accomplish mission requirements. In addition, supply manages the war reserve/mobility readiness spares packages and base mobility bags, issues cold weather clothing to all military personnel, and provides aircraft equipment /spares for Red Flag-Alaska exercises.

Contracting leads market research; provides business advice and acquisition planning for solicitation, executes award, and performs contract administration; and ensures performance management for all installation acquisition requirements relating to the alteration, repair and maintenance to existing facilities, architect-engineering design requirements, and brand new construction.

Naturally, the mission support group also plays a key role in the wing's combat capability. When the wing deploys, all personnel process through the deployment processing function. Tactical communicators, security forces, civil engineers, personnel specialists, services, contracting, supply and transportation personnel are prepared to move forward at a moment's notice, paving the way for Eielson's weapons systems and airmen at any spot on the globe. Day-to-day flight operations at Eielson could not function without airfield support provided by security forces, transportation, supply, communicators, and civil engineers. In short, the men and women of the 354th Mission Support Group embody their motto: "Full spectrum support -- Anytime, Anywhere."