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Space-A (Ft. Wainwright to JBER)

Space-A travel is sometimes available on the C-12 aircraft travelling between Fort Wainwright and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. The C-12 is not a scheduled airline and is booked on an as needed basis. There is normally one flight per day, Monday through Friday. (Some days there are more or fewer flights.) There are not normally any flights over the weekend or on holidays. There are a total of seven seats and they are available based on the priority of the traveler. Duty passengers, either on orders or on official duty, receive first priority seating on the C-12. All remaining seats will be available for Space-A travel, and will be allocated by Space-A passenger priority.


There are five 5 categories/priorities of Space-A travel:

  1. Emergency Leave (Active Duty)- Service member must have a valid leave form and military ID. Service member should have Red Cross documentation to prove emergency leave status or leave form should be annotated as "emergency leave.”

  2. Environmental/Morale Leave (EML) (Active Duty/DoD Civilian) - Traveler must have a valid leave form, annotated as EML, and military ID.

  3. Ordinary Leave (Active Duty) - Service member must have a valid leave form and military ID.

  4. Military Pass (Active Duty) - Service member must have a valid DA 31 (leave form) or equivalent and military ID.

  5. All others (retiree and family member Travel) all travelers must have a valid military ID if they are over the age of 16. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Family members traveling without their sponsor must have a letter of command sponsorship. A letter of command sponsorship can usually be attained at the soldier's company orderly room.


Space-A passengers must arrive at least one hour prior to the scheduled take off time. Space-A travelers may travel in civilian clothes. Space-A travelers are limited to 30 lbs of baggage per passenger. Children travelers weighing 40 lbs or less must be in a car seat. No pets are authorized to travel.


Available seats will not be known until the day prior and are subject to change.  SpaceĀ­ A passengers will not be notified of flight cancellations.  Space-A reservations are only made one way.  If you make a reservation from Fort Wainwright to JBER, you must also make reservations from JBER back to Fort Wainwright.


Travelers in the same priority are seated on a first come, first serve basis. You may sign up in advance for the days you would like to travel, but you must sign-up in person at Base Operation on Fort Wainwright.   No telephone reservations are allowed. When you sign up, you only receive priority over other travelers in the same category of travel.


For flight information and questions please call DSN 353-6514 or commercial 907-353-6514.


Any other points of travel, beyond JBER and Fort Wainwright, must be coordinated through JBER AMC terminal (552-3781) or the Eielson AMC terminal (377-1854/1250).