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  • Choices you make affect others, the ones you love.

    The choices you make either large or small need to be thought out completely. For instance, your choice to join the Air Force, whatever the reason, is one of those enormous life changing decisions that affect not only you but everyone who holds you dear to them wherever you call home. However long you stay in the Air Force those folks back home who
  • Don't be discouraged: Local entertainment more than meets the eye

    So, you got stationed in Alaska. You don't know how to field dress a moose and you'd rather die than drive 100 (or more) miles just to fish for salmon. As of now, everything officially "sucks." The adage, "at least it's not Minot" is wearing thin for you, but it's true. The local area actually has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. The only
  • Wing CC departs; gives thanks to Airmen

    Thank you! Twenty months ago I had the honor and privilege to take command of the finest Wing in the United States Air Force. I still remember standing on the podium and looking out at the formation and wondering how I was/am so blessed to have been chosen to command a Wing, let alone the 354th Fighter Wing at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. That
  • Letter to Airmen: Stress, mental health, suicide prevention

    As Airmen fight terrorism in the far corners of the world, the sacrifices asked of them and their families have increased significantly. These sacrifices have been accepted with courage and valor, and I am very proud of their contributions both at home and abroad. Nevertheless, under such circumstances, it is natural for our people to feel the
  • Driving drowsy: Just not smart

    After a long day at work, you are too excited to wait an additional day before starting your trip to go see your family. It's your leave, so why should you waste time sitting at home? You load up the car, fill up with gas and hit the road; the drive's only a few hours. The drive begins as planned -- you make it to the highway, bring your car up to
  • Eielson prepares for DoD safety program

    Eielson will be having a visit from DoD authorities Sept. 17 to 21 to evaluate Eielson's usage of the Voluntary Protection Program.Do you know what the VPP is? Do you know your role in the VPP? The Department of Defense's Voluntary Protection Program is designed to promote effective worksite-based safety and health. This program is a spin-off from
  • F-22s mark new era in Alaskan aviation

    This week marks an exciting time at Elmendorf Air Force Base as we welcome the newest, most revolutionary, most talked about air dominance fighter in the history of aviation. The F-22 Raptor will soon be common place in the skies above Alaska, protecting America and the Pacific Theater. With its arrival, our Air Force is more capable than ever of
  • Arctic camouflage makes Eielson's hogs unique

    Last week an article in the Arctic Sentry detailed the history of the A-10s here at Eielson--but there was an important piece of early A-10 history intentionally left out. Any guesses to what was not mentioned or what the difference is between the two hogs ... and yes, the two are interrelated? The only difference between the two 'hogs' is color. A
  • Why I chose to stay blue

    One score and seven years ago (that's 27 years to you and me) I became a member of the greatest Air Force the world has ever known. Unlike some, I wasn't predestined to join the military; my father or my grandfather didn't leave me with that legacy. We all have our reasons for serving. Some serve because it's a family tradition, others feel it's
  • Choices not only affect you, but everyone around you

    One early, dew-covered morning, many years ago, my parents and I headed to town. This was not our normal shopping trip to town, for this was the day for college class registration. Little did I know that at that moment I was well on the path of my journey of "choices and consequences." During the drive, I made the one of biggest choices of my life