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Default Air Force Logo To our future AF self-made millionaires
I'd like to introduce to you the Thrift Savings Plan Roth. First the good news: the Thrift Savings Plan, our Government's version of a company sponsored 401K retirement program, will soon be making a Roth option available to you for future investment. The bad news is that your fellow Airmen don't seem to care; or perhaps even worse, don't know what
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Default Air Force Logo Leading in our fiscal environment
While executing a few mission rehearsals in the middle of the African desert, one of my men was returning to our rally point on his all-terrain vehicle and was being a little too aggressive in his maneuvers. Sure enough, he ended up in the dirt with the ATV alongside him. The rest of the team ran to ensure he was uninjured. He was fine, but the ATV
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Gen. Gary North, Pacific Air Forces commander PACAF commander sends Airmen Memorial Day Message
On May 28, 2012, we will pause to honor the memory of our service members who gave their lives in their service to our great nation. For 236 years our military has protected our national interests, at home and abroad in both peacetime and wartime. While our world and our armed forces have changed over the centuries, certain elements of our armed
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Default Air Force Logo Leading at all levels
Every Airman is a leader. I recently attended my brother-in-law's graduation from Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, with my wife. I am an Air Force officer just over the halfway point of a 20-year career and she is a former Air Force officer who now serves as a Department of Defense civilian (and my better half). My
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Default Air Force Logo The emergence of air power strategy
Memorial Day is right around the corner, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to pause and reflect on our Air Force history. Relative to the other Services' pasts, ours is pretty short. I aim to summarize from our Air Force history those key "nuggets of knowledge" in an attempt to explain the emergence of our air power strategy.  The
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Default Air Force Logo A checklist for successful leadership
After serving more than 25 years in our Air Force, I have always looked forward to the opportunity to get a "peek under the hood" so to speak of what senior leaders in my wing and in the Air Force felt was important enough to write about and publish in our base papers. Some are very informative, some entertaining, and some just outright
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Default Air Force Logo There are three sides to every story
You know the old saying "there are two sides to every story?" I believe that saying is wrong. I think there are three sides to every story; what you think happened, what I think happened and what really happened -- the "truth." Our own perceptions of situations and what was said color our version of every story. When I attended the Aircraft Mishap
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Default Air Force Logo Why leaders fail
Benjamin Franklin once said that all of mankind falls into one of three classes - those who are movable, those who are immovable and those who move. After 21 years as a fighter pilot, air liaison officer, joint terminal attack controller, operational war planner, staff officer, commander and student - in combat and peacetime - I have directly
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Default Air Force Logo What if it were me? – A command philosophy
Most of us are familiar with the Golden Rule that encourages individuals to treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. This ethic of reciprocity, one of four pillars upon which my command philosophy is based, inherently fosters our core values of service before self and excellence in all we do. I believe that we all too often get
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Default Air Force Logo Prescription medications: A growing trend of abuse
As a pharmacist for over 28 years, I have witnessed the incredible value medications bring to the treatment, and sometimes cure, of a multitude of ailments and disease. Although they have improved the quality of life for millions of people, their use is certainly not without risk, as attested to by the litany of side effects reported in "speed
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