Natural Resources Office

Your guide to enjoying the Alaskan Outdoors.

The Natural Resources Office, Building 2215, is the nerve center of the base conservation education program. The entrance to the facility parking area is located across from the intersection of Manchu Trail and Central Avenue.

Displayed are aerial photographs of base and geologic survey maps of the surrounding Army lands as related to fishing, hunting, and trapping. Display racks contain Alaska fishing, hunting, and trapping regulations, hunting and fishing maps of base and the surrounding Army lands, handouts on base off-road vehicle policy, fishing, hunting, and recreation handouts, sportsmen's club membership applications, and more.

Bulletin boards contain information on trapping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, hiking, current natural resources projects, and cross-country skiing. Natural Resources maintains a reference library on a variety of natural resources subjects. On display are 39 birds, 14 fish, and 17 animals native to Alaska.

The Natural Resources Office hours are Mon-Fri 0800-1600. It is recommended that customers call (907) 377-5182 prior to heading to the office.

Areas available for recreational use 

Eielson Air Force Base is a 19,790-acre installation located in the interior of Alaska about 25 miles southeast of Fairbanks. About 15,754 acres are forested. There are 12 lakes totaling 333.7 acres, 80 ponds totaling 226.1 acres, and 27.7 miles of fresh-water streams. In addition to the main base, 

Eielson has a 51-acre recreation area on Birch Lake, 35 miles to the south and a campground in the 690-acre Chena River Annex, 12 miles to the north. Eielson personnel can use the 248,000-acre Fort Wainwright Yukon Maneuver Area, which abuts Eielson's eastern boundary and the 643,000-acre Fort Wainwright Tanana Flats Training Area, which is 6 miles west of base across the Tanana River. 

The Yukon Maneuver Area is accessible via three gravel roads. The Tanana Flats Training Area is not linked to any road system and is accessible by airplane, and boat in the summer, and snowmobile in the winter.

Check out the current Outdoor Recreational Vehicle Area Map