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MADD honors top DUI officers

EIELSON AIR FORCE, Alaska -- Mothers Against Drunk Driving's Fairbanks Chapter held its three-year anniversary Sunday at West Valley High School.

To commemorate the occasion MADD unveiled a new ad poster and bumper sticker which will soon be turning up all over base and in the Fairbanks community.

MADD recognized local law enforcement top DUI officers from and around Fairbanks.
One of Eielson's own, Staff Sgt. Terry Northcut was recognized for being the top DUI officer for Eielson.

When Sergeant Northcut was told of the honor, he said, "It feels really good to be recognized for doing your job."

Sergeant Northcut was involved with two notable DUI's; one of which involved a civilian who rammed through a barrier to get on base and then led security forces on a high-speed chase all over base.

The driver rammed a police truck and attempted to ram another vehicle before he was detained.

The other incident involved an airman who was driving erraticly through French Creek housing.

"I feel the main contributor to me being recognized is the base populace. If they hadn't called these perpetrators in for speeding, I would not have caught these individuals," he said.

All of the top DUI officers and representatives from seven different agencies, including Fairbanks Police, North Pole Police, Fort Wainwright Military Police, Alaska State Troopers, Fairbanks International Airport Police and University of Alaska-Fairbanks Police, received a framed copy of the new poster and a plaque.

The event was small but meaningful to those who were involved. All volunteer members of MADD shared similar stories about the loss of a loved one.
Alan Mitchell lost a cousin in an accident with a drunken driver the day before his 15th birthday.

Mr. Mitchell, the event coordinator, said, "We wanted to make the officers aware that they are truly appreciated."

The President of MADD, Mr. Pete Eagan, said, "Drinking and driving is willful behavior and 100-percent preventable."

Mr. Eagan also said events such as this one are what MADD is all about; trying to spread the word.

"MADD is trying to change drinking culture." Not by telling people to stop drinking but to have a plan.