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Critical issues briefed at CC call

EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska -- Base personnel were briefed on several critical issues that concern the future of the Iceman Team and Eielson Air Force Base during the Wing Commander's Call at the base theater here Aug. 16.

Brig. Gen. Dave Scott, 354th Fighter Wing Commander, praised Eielson personnel for their continued excellence and outlined what the Iceman Team should be focusing on in the upcoming months.

"There are times when people will ask the questions of 'who you are, what you are and where you are?'" he said. "It's at those times when you should feel proud to tell someone that you're first and foremost an Airman in the United States Air Force.
Then tell them what unit your with and what you do. We're all Airmen first."

General Scott provided each attendee with an "Airman card" - a tool which can help personnel explain the vision, mission and background of the Iceman Team to the public.

Throughout the briefing, General Scott stressed the importance of flexibility and focus, highlighting several of the key changes the base will undergo in the near future while affirming that though the mission may change, the fundamentals have not and will not change.

"What I want everyone to focus on is: 'people first, mission always,'" he said. "No matter what our mission is, we're going to continue to do it with the pride we've always done it with, but our people must come first."

Maj. Donald Bohney, 354th FW Plans and Programs Chief, echoed General Scott's words on mission focus as the base prepares for its upcoming Unit Compliance Inspection. Major Bohney outlined Eielson's Crisis Action System for emergency management exercises, a communications tool that enables command and control from the wing commander to the lowest-ranking Airman on base during an emergency.

General Scott added that the system allows for a measured and controlled response to a crisis, but cautioned against preparing or performing solely for the sake of impressing inspectors.

"The reason we talk about EMEs is there are things that happen on this base everyone needs to know about and it's important for each of us to understand what we're looking at." he said. "It's not for the Unit Compliance Inspection - it's in case something does happen on this base, so we can flow the information in a manner that you will all understand and that will better prepare us all for real-world incidents."

Icemen were also briefed on various safety issues, ranging from proper all-terrain vehicle training and riding to proper wear of reflective safety belts.

Personnel on base must wear reflective belts at times of darkness and General Scott warned that violators of wing reflective safety belt policy will be punished.

"I have nine bright pink safety belts that I will keep in my vehicle," he said. "If I see anyone not wearing their belt, you get to wear one of these for a week. It's about keeping Icemen safe."

With the UCI looming, General Scott also stressed the importance of balancing mission focus with relaxation, encouraging Icemen to take pride in their work thus far and enjoy well-deserved time off.

"Show everyone, including the inspectors, how great we are," he said, "But also take time to reflect and be proud of your accomplishments. Use goal days and time off to take advantage of some of the things Eielson and the surrounding community has to offer while you keep safe and recharge."

He ended by thanking the entire team for all their efforts over the past year.