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For Sale Board moves to crossroads

EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska -- Due to network security vulnerability issues and violation of DoD and Air Force policy, Eielson's "For Sale Board" will move to the Air Force Crossroads Flea Market beginning Sept. 1. 

"The Flea Market is an electronic bulletin board where members and their families can post "For Sale" items and/or "Wanted" advertisements," said Maj. Michelle Hayworth, 354th Communications Squadron commander. "The Flea Market section is password-protected and accessible only to authorized members of our total Air Force and their families. One advantage the Flea Market has over the "For Sale Board" is that you'll now be able to post ads from home." 

Between now and Sept. 1, Icemen can transfer current "For Sale" Board ads to the Flea Market by following these easy steps: 

 - Go to the Air Force Crossroads Web site located at http://www.afcrossroads.com.
 - Click on the "Flea Market" link in the blue section on the left side of the page or the link located three-fourths of the way down in the center of the page. 
 - Enter your Air Force Crossroads username and password. If you need to establish an account or can't remember your username and/or password, click on the applicable link. 
 - Upon entering the Flea Market you'll receive general information on the site. When ready to continue, click on "Enter." 
 - To post an ad, click on "Submit Vehicle Info/Want Ad" or "Submit Items/Want Ad." At the next page, choose "Input a Location" to go directly to Eielson's Flea Market, type in "Eielson AFB, AK" and then click "Submit."
 - You'll now be prompted to enter specific information pertaining to your ad. When done, click on "Preview" to make sure everything is correct and then click on "Submit." 

"Please remember that Air Force policy prohibits military and civilian personnel from using a government phone number and government e-mail address as point of contact information," Maj. Hayworth said. 

While Icemen and their families are on the crossroads site, they are encouraged to take advantage of all the outstanding resources available on that site, she said.
Icemen can also post free classified ads in the Arctic Sentry by calling the Daily News Miner at 459-7555. 

Information courtesy of the 354th Communications Squadron.