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Sprucewood housing hot topic among Icemen

EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska -- A town hall meeting was held Aug. 25 at the base theater to inform Sprucewood residents and to address questions and concerns regarding the upcoming move of the nearly 200 families living in the Sprucewood housing units on base. 

An estimated 300 people attended the meeting and pitched an hour and a half's worth of questions to the wing commander, the civil engineer squadron commander, and other base officials. 

"I don't want to tell you this is going to be easy--this is going to be hard, but we are going to do this in the best manner we can," said Brig. Gen. Dave Scott, 354th Fighter Wing commander. 

Officials advised Sprucewood housing residents of the upcoming move out of Sprucewood and into on-base or off-base homes; whichever is more convenient for the family. 

"We will not put you in a house with a lesser number of rooms than you are entitled to--that is a guarantee," said Lt. Col. Gary Schneider, 354th Civil Engineer Squadron commander. 

One concerned spouse asked whether or not enlisted personnel were going to be moved into officer housing to accommodate the move, to which Gen. Scott replied, "We are doing whatever is necessary to make this go as smoothly as possible." 

"We are all Airmen; there is no reason why we cannot live next to each other and remain dedicated and professional no matter what," he said. "There is no reason you can't live next to me." 

Each family will receive a partial dislocation allowance in the amount of $582 and will be provided a scale to measure weight of their household goods. The scales are located at the vehicle operations building, bldg. 3426. Members are asked to pick up an 
AF Form 150 at the Housing Office, bldg. 3401. 

Although some of the homes being moved into do not have a garage like the Sprucewood homes do, the amenities will be near equal to those the residents deserve, said Colonel Schneider. 

"We will have enough homes to take care of you, if you wish to live on base," said Lorie Dallas, 354th CES housing office flight chief. 

The priority of families being relocated is going to follow criteria based on deployed members or members deploying in the near future, hardships or unique circumstances, date eligible of return from overseas with a fiscal year of 2009 and beyond, and fiscal years 2008 and 2007 to follow in that order. 

Members with the latest DEROS will be moved into homes that are not scheduled for future renovation or replacement projects and every family will be assisted on a case-by-case basis. 

Additional considerations and accommodations are also being made for Icemen. Tour curtailments are available for approval up to 60 days before a PCS, as long as there is approval through squadron and group commanders. 

General Scott assured the audience that leadership will continue to inform and support those affected by the Sprucewood moves. Initiatives such as an online forum and information hotline are being researched to determine the best way to disseminate the most timely and helpful information to those involved.