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  • The Mighty First Weather Squadron

    Much to the surprise of most U.S. Air Force personnel assigned to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, there is a team of highly-trained weather Airmen assigned to the Fort Lewis side of the installation with a very unique mission. These warfighters don’t support C-17 Globemaster III operations

  • Tips and Tricks for Halloween Treats

    Halloween is right around the corner and excitement mounts as children and adults prepare to dress in their favorite costumes. Children walk from house to house in the cold, Alaskan weather in hopes of filling their bags full of sweet, sugary candy.While candy can be sweet and delicious, cavities at

  • The foundations of leadership and followership

    Trust each other, provide feedback, show that you care. According to six Airmen, these are the most important aspects of teamwork.Throughout an Airman’s career they’re expected to grow both personally and professionally. The Air Force does a good job at pushing us toward that goal through

  • The legend of the “Lady of the Lake”

    Since moving to Eielson in July 2013, I have heard numerous tales about the mysterious “Lady of the Lake.” I always assumed it was some ghost legend of a woman who drowned in a lake and haunts people who look for her, but boy was I wrong.Recently, I began to look into the real history of the Lady of

  • An Indelible Impression

    A smile can tell you a lot about a person and it’s the first thing you’ll notice about Greg Roach. His is everlasting and always present, like the Alaskan summer sun. For almost a year now, I’ve been running into Greg around Amber Hall. Every time I see him our interaction always goes the same. He

  • Airman learns value of service through Honor Guard

    It started with a flame; the fire burned yellow and the coals smoldered a hot red. I was sitting under the open North Dakota sky, camping on a beautiful weekend. All of a sudden, my pocket lit up.

  • Supplementing safely

    At six feet tall and weighing around 250 pounds I’m a bigger guy than most, so it makes sense that occasionally I get approached with questions.One of the most common questions I get is, “Are you on steroids?” My answer to that is always no. The follow-up question is usually, “What do you take?”

  • Breaking habits, embracing change: An Airman's journey over time

    I don’t like change. I am a creature of habit; I find comfort in the familiar and in establishing routine. For most of my life, I felt like I struggled to make connections with new people and it took a long time for me to grow comfortable in new environments; so I did my best to avoid it. This

  • A sobering truth

    On Thursday, July 13, 2017, I had the opportunity of being part of a training which involved a small group of people being sobriety tested by 354th Security Forces Squadron members so they could practice conducting Field Sobriety Tests.During this controlled training, six airmen, including myself,

  • Busting the mental health myths

    A few months ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder called fibromyalgia. Not only does it affect my body, but it can also affect my mental health state.When my doctor referred me to mental health, I was slightly concerned. Thoughts ran through my head of the common myths associated with