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  • Eielson Combined Federal Campaign Kicks off with Wing Sports Day

    The Combined Federal Campaign is possibly the largest single most successful federal fundraising campaign focused on allowing federal employees the opportunity to donate money to charitable organizations. Each CFC event typically runs for a six-week period between September and December. Pledges made by federal employees during the campaign season
  • COMPACAF Announces Kick Off of Combined Federal Campaign

    Fellow Airmen, last year the men and women of Pacific Air Forces contributed, via personal donations, more than $2.3 million to the Combined Federal Campaign -- their contributions helped make a difference through a multitude of charities. As Airmen, you live a voluntary lifestyle of serving others that truly makes a difference every day to
  • Preparing for the work ahead

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Congress enacted legislation on June 28, 1894 to make Labor Day a federal holiday. Much like many holidays we celebrate, Labor Day was first established to recognize contributions made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our great nation by a special group of individuals -- the American worker.
  • Celebrating Labor Day

    To some, it's the last long weekend before the end of summer, a chance to take one more vacation before school starts in the fall. To others, it signifies the beginning of the NFL and college football seasons. Whatever its significance to you, Labor Day is a holiday enjoyed by all. But does anyone really know why we're celebrating? What does it
  • General North Addresses Pacific Airmen

    Fellow Airmen, I am grateful to return to Pacific Air Forces and for the opportunity to once again serve alongside many friends, partners and allies in this vast and important region. It has been my privilege to serve among America's finest Airmen throughout the region and alongside our counterparts in the Pacific Command area of responsibility. I
  • Eielson: Continuing the bold mission of making the best even better

    The mission of the 18th Aggressor Squadron is to know, teach and replicate the never-ending and ever-improving threat to our Nation's Combat Air Forces. The Blue Fox Aggressors support United States Pacific Command, by providing full-spectrum threat knowledge and replication to make the world's best Air Force even better. To be effective, each
  • The $395 Million smile

    So, what is your favorite thing about going to the dentist? Is it the comfortable chairs? The friendly people? Or maybe the joys of having a shot of anesthetic that leaves you drooling for the next couple of hours. Some people seem to enjoy this more than others because they KEEP COMING BACK with new problems, especially cavities. So what exactly
  • Top 10 ways to stay out of jail

    This article has been circulated by the Defense community within the Air Force for several years. It was written by a former Senior Defense Counsel who was responsible for supervising three military defense attorneys stationed at different bases. These observations and suggestions were formulated after years of experience defending Air Force
  • COMPACAF bids Pacific Airmen farewell, honors 65 years of PACAF history

    As we change command of Pacific Air Forces, we also celebrate our command's 65th birthday. It is an honor to have been a part of this historic command and to have had the opportunity to serve with PACAF's outstanding Airmen. Having visited our bases often, one thing is clear - PACAF has a smart, innovative and driven force of Active Duty, Air
  • 1-2-3 Magic

    Magic happened for me as quickly as I could say "that's one, that's two, that's three, time out." As a stay-at-home Mom of three healthy, rambunctious children ages four and under, I was looking for something that would help my children (especially my four year-old) chill-out on tantrums, listen, and behave appropriately. Little did I know that