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  • Suicide prevention: A leadership challenge for all

    Every time a life is lost in Pacific Air Forces I am alerted. All are tragic in different ways, but among the most troubling is when it involves a suicide. During the course of my 35 years on active duty, I've learned that we cannot prevent every suicide attempt. More importantly, I've learned that we can prevent many through good
  • Honoring the legacy of heroes

    For all of us in uniform and those who support our great nation as part of our Air Force team, Memorial Day is a special holiday. Memorial Day observances began following the Civil War when it was known as Decoration Day. This day was dedicated to honoring those who had died during the Civil War. Today, these observances honor all Americans who
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer

    Summer is just around the corner, and many of us are planning for our favorite warm weather activities - fishing, hunting, hiking, motorcycling, camping and more. All of our summer plans can be fun if we keep in mind the basics of operational risk management: Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost; accept no unnecessary risk; anticipate and
  • Managing Your Stress in Tough Economic Times

    As talk of the banking crisis, falling housing prices, rising consumer debt and declining retail sales bring up worries about the nation's economic health, more Americans feel additional stress and anxiety about their financial future. Money is often on the minds of most Americans. In fact, money and the state of the economy are two of the top
  • United in strength

    May 16 is Armed Forces Day and while our servicemen and women serve every day this is a special time set aside to honor them. In 1947, "in recognition of the personnel of the victorious Army Air Forces and all those who have developed and maintained our nation's air strength", President Harry Truman established Air Force Day. Just two years later,
  • Military spouse appreciation day

    From deployments overseas in support of global operations to local missions at Eielson Air Force Base, we read about the many contributions of our servicemembers daily. But often we overlook the selfless support those same servicemembers receive at home from their military families. There are thousands of men and women who sacrifice for our country
  • Celebrating Police Week

    National Police week is May 10 to16 and  Eielson Air Force Base's security forces squadron will be celebrating in a number of ways.The week is celebrated across the United States and by Security Forces units abroad to commemorate and honor those who serve as law enforcement officers. It also pays tribute to fallen officers and makes citizens of
  • Prescription drugs can end your career

    In May 2007 a technical sergeant in my squadron took a single pill from his son's prescription bottle. That pill started him down the road towards a court martial and discharge from the Air Force. The drug was a low level amphetamine used to correct Attention Deficit Disorder. Both the sergeant and his son suffered from the same condition and used
  • May Fitness Month

    Goodbye winter, hello spring! It's almost time to make like the Chena River and break up the frosty bonds that have kept you boxed in during the frigid months. May is Fitness Month, a time when we can do something special to direct base-wide attention to the benefits of physical activity. It's more than just an observance of fitness and sports; as
  • SNCOs: The backbone of the Air Force

    Eielson is my first duty station and I have no complaints, except the obvious, it's cold. Though I got here in October and was thrown right into my first "Alaska winter," it really wasn't that bad. Working with my non-commissioned officers and leading my Airmen makes putting my uniform on every day humbling. Nearly a year ago, I graduated from