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  • Eielson observes SAAM with Survivor's Tribute Quilt

    With the annual April observance for sexual assault awareness, your Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office plans several projects and events to create positive awareness in our community. This year, the central project will be the making of a "Survivor's Tribute Quilt." Why a quilt? There are many reasons. Personally, quilts are reminders of
  • AFSO21: A new way to put out fires

    Many people tend to 'fight fires' in their professional and sometimes even in their personal life. Problems pop-up and seem to spread like wildfire and a lot of time and energy are spent trying to get put out the 'fires'. Unfortunately with manpower and funding shortages, it is easy to fall into the trap of seeing firefighting as a way of
  • E-mail: A Blessing, and a Curse

    E-mail. The word itself makes some smile, and others shudder. Globally, electronic mail has proven to be the largest communication epidemic since the invention of the telephone. No other medium is as fast, flexible, or wide reaching. As a managerial tool, e-mail is a key asset for mass information distribution and tracking; as a leadership tool, it
  • Saluting: When in doubt, bust it out

    With the exercise season quickly approaching, don't get caught off guard by a multitude of foreign guests. In the coming weeks, RED FLAG-Alaska will host more than 300 participants from several countries, including France, Australia, Japan and United Kingdom. Throughout the summer, the base will welcome foreign attachés and executive observers from
  • Getting ready to go before it's 50 below

    Ah yes, I remember the days when we had so many people in our Air Force that there were two officers in charge of each flight, two superintendents--one always in training, and we could run shadow programs where a company grade officer or NCO could "hang out" with a squadron, group or wing commander all week for professional development purposes. We
  • Planning Makes Good Nutrition Convenient and Affordable

    In a recent consumer survey by the American Dietetic Association, convenience was the biggest factor when selecting a meal. As the dietitian, many people say busy schedules and fast food are barriers to eating healthy or losing weight. So how can we eat healthy without spending hours in the kitchen? Below are tips that work for me. -Plan menu for
  • "Every Airman a Sensor" - Force Protection, Threat Awareness and You

    Through the efforts of our Iceman Inspector General Team, multi-faceted asymmetric threats have been replicated and have been thrust upon us as we prepare for the for the PACAF IG. I'd like to say we have met the challenge with tactical prowess and technical excellence but that really hasn't been the case. "There is no threat here..." "It's
  • Who's gonna take care of me?

    I never thought the words of a 5-year-old would affect me so profoundly. My husband Robert and I both serve in the military and with that comes a commitment to our country--a duty we are proud to fulfill--but Rob and I are also parents. While serving in the military brings challenges and concerns to any family, being dual-military can increase
  • Friday nights and flashing lights

    We all understand that drunk driving is illegal, dangerous and incompatible with the expectations of being an Airman. Usually, when we discuss drunk driving, we talk about evenings that went wrong or people who injured or killed others because of poor and selfish decisions. I want to tell a different story. The story is from personal experience and
  • Refocusing our priorities: ORI postponed

    Earlier this month I wrote about key events forthcoming in 2009 and stated that the wing's top priority was the Headquarters Pacific Air Forces Operational Readiness Inspection in May. That priority was accurate three weeks ago. However, the PACAF Inspector General recently made the decision to postpone our May 2009 ORI until 2010. Neither the