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  • Do you know how to protect yourself from fraud?

    If you were stopped on the street and someone said to you, "Hey, I think I've just been a victim of fraud, what do I do?" How would you answer the question? Do you know what fraud is? You may have heard or read news reports on a company that entered into a contract with the U.S. government for a product or a service of some type and that company
  • What is your personal mission statement?

    Have you ever tried traveling across country without a road map? No, then why travel into the future without a map? Recently during one of my business classes I came upon an interesting tool to use in life. Our assignment was to come up with a personal mission statement and then a one year and a ten year plan for our lives. The professor expressed
  • Are we doing enough?

    He's dead now. My friend Henry was such a comedian. He did the goofiest things to make you laugh and his antics always succeeded. Although he was funny, he was also sensitive and at times took things to heart. He strived to be number one and pushed himself to be the best he could. I know this as a friend and as an employer, because when I first met
  • Understanding the costs of a DUI

    Have you ever wondered what are the consequences of receiving a DUI? While most Airmen are aware there are negative consequences associated with drinking and driving, most probably do not understand the full impact of these consequences. Perhaps if Airmen better understood the true cost of drinking and driving they would be less likely to engage in
  • Face-to-face leadership still most effective

    The date is Sept. 1, 1993, and a young staff sergeant is at Kunsan AB, South Korea. His wife undergoes "routine" surgery back at his last duty station in the United States. The surgery appears to be a success, and an e-mail is sent to the staff sergeant's first sergeant at Kunsan. Now, it's Labor Day weekend, so the staff sergeant doesn't get the
  • Eielson: Making the best better

    As noted well outside the confines of Eielson AFB, in less than a year, the 18th Aggressor Squadron transformed from a go-to-war mission to a team dedicated to providing the best adversary training in the Air Force, and indeed the world! A significant element of this transformation lies in the ability to harness and improve on the best practices of
  • The Value of Service

    I learned a big lesson on service Aug. 4, 2008, when Eielson had the rare honor of hosting President Bush on a refueling stop as he traveled to Asia. It was an event Eielson will never forget -- a hangar full of Airmen and Soldiers getting to see the Commander in Chief up close, and perhaps even shaking his hand. An incredible amount of effort goes
  • What the IG can do for you

    Do you know what the Inspector General office can do for you? The IG office is one of several grievance channels and there are four types of complaints for which the IG is uniquely responsible for: reprisal, restriction, improper mental health referrals, and fraud, waste, and abuse. The IG is also the focal point for all Congressional Inquiries.
  • Education; how will you gain the edge?

    The Air Force needs intelligent Airmen. More importantly, it needs Airmen who are willing to hone their skills and talents. We have been built by a tradition of honor and a legacy of valor, but it is our ingenuity and knowledge that has brought victory when American Airmen have stepped into harm's way. Aviation history is full of stories of men and
  • Leisure necessary for healthy body, minds

    "Otium Sanctum" That Latin phrase translates into Holy Leisure. It captures within it a mandate to decouple from the frantic pace of work. A mandate to relax and regain your focus on yourself, your family and your God. Holy, meaning to set apart and make sacred. Leisure meaning discretionary, enjoyable, non-work activities. Summer has Otium Sanctum