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  • RF-A provides realistic, effective combat training

    As the 354th Fighter Wing jumps into the 2008 Spring / Summer RED FLAG-Alaska exercise season, it is important to reflect on the roots of realistic aircrew training for combat. During the Korean War, the U.S. Air Force enjoyed great success in the air. In fact, the final results showed that American pilots destroyed 10 enemy aircraft for every one
  • Saluting a display of mutual respect, trust, confidence

    With the Red Flag exercise season quickly approaching, don't get caught off guard by a multitude of foreign military on base. In the coming exercises, Red Flag-Alaska will host participants from several countries, including Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Germany and Korea. In addition, the base will welcome Foreign Attach├ęs and Executive
  • Maintain the Warrior Spirit

    Let me start by saying that the ideas presented in this article are nothing new. I hope that most of it will sound very familiar to all of you. In fact, the following is basically a rewrite of a lesson plan we used back at Base-X 10 years ago but it is just as applicable here today as it was there then. Everyone who works for the Air Force, whether
  • Improve health by understanding nutrition

    "Nutrition, It's a Matter of Fact" is the theme for National Nutrition Month in 2008. As the Health and Wellness Center Dietitian at Eielson, it is my responsibility and privilege to share the latest nutrition facts that can help individuals improve their health. Here are some stories from individuals that volunteered to share their positive
  • The enlisted perspective: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

    The 21st Century Air Force is truly expeditionary, so it is imperative we are all prepared to meet mission challenges. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is often the first step to accomplishing this goal. A healthy lifestyle not only boosts energy levels, endurance, and reduces stress in every day duties; it can potentially save an Airman's life in a
  • Letter To Airmen: Support to Operations

    Last month I wrote about my AOR trip and the outstanding impacts Airmen are making in OIF and OEF every day. This month I want to salute all those who provide support to operations around the globe. From the acquisition professionals whose rigorous analysis resulted in the selection of a new air refueling tanker to the numerous Air Force agencies
  • Why we have Women's History Month

    March is Women's History Month, a time to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements made by women. Yet every year I hear one question that always seems to linger on people's minds: Why do we celebrate women's history; don't men and women share the same history? To answer, we must examine three important factors that must be
  • Dental health important to daily regimen

    Editor's note: February is National Dental Health Month.Everyone knows how to brush their teeth, the question is do we actually remember being taught? Most people assume that tooth brushing is an inborn trait that doesn't require instruction. Simply moving the brush around on the teeth won't cut it. Truth is, most people are doing it wrong and we
  • Keep your heart in a healthy place

    Everyone knows heart disease is the number one killer and that keeping your heart healthy is a big deal. Too many people, however, think the choices they make when they are young will not have much of an impact. They are very, very wrong. My best friend in High School was Trish. We had great adventures together. We loved hanging out, watching
  • A Great Season

    With the completion of the Super Bowl another football season comes to an end and this makes me sad. You see, to me, football is the only sport and I've often thought that I learned everything I need to know about life from the game of football: The coaches, teammates, opponents and experiences from the game have been in integral in both shaping me