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  • As the saying goes ...

    Have you ever noticed that laughter and light heartedness are traits of leadership that we don't really put much focus on, yet they are so important to what we do? Why? Well in Southwest Asia, we are in the heart of the origin of mankind, working more than 70 hours a week, some outside in 100 plus degree heat. But how do we keep our sanity? Let me
  • Create results through action with CFC

    Most people have a philanthropic soft spot or care for a particular topic, problem or group of people. My concern is for people suffering in third-world or warring countries. I cannot help but think of the children who are impoverished from birth with little hope of opportunity, or the single mothers in war-torn countries with no hope for change,
  • Total Force Exercises: Eielson training reflects plans

    "Why are we exercising over a weekend?" It's a good question. The short answer is that we're exercising over a weekend because it is a drill weekend for our 168th Air Refueling Wing National Guard teammates--it is when they are available to exercise. Since we will fight together and take an Operational Readiness Inspection together, we need to
  • Chief of Staff Letter to Airmen

    Airmen of the United States Air Force, So that I could better communicate my thoughts and intentions to the widest possible audience, I recently asked for the capability to e-mail all Airmen directly. Thanks to our technology experts, I now have that capability, and with this e-mail I begin what I intend to be regular correspondence with you. From
  • The Enlisted Perspective: Developing and Caring for Airmen

    There is no greater honor than to serve our country during time of war, and we are very fortunate to serve in the greatest Air Force the world has ever known. The Air Force has technologically superior aircraft and equipment and can bring devastating airpower to bear on our enemies at a time and place of our choosing. However, our equipment isn't
  • Making a difference in our 21st Century Air Force

    The program, Program Budget Decision 720, and similar programs, have gone a long way toward trimming the "fat" from America's Air Force. Our increasing reliance upon technology and associated personnel cuts makes contributions of those of us remaining in the military service all the more important. As such, every Airman not only can, but must,
  • SecAf Letter to Airmen: Discipline and Responsibility

    This month starts in earnest the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the United States Air Force. This is a source of great pride as we reflect on an astonishing history replete with courage, dedication, and a will to succeed; and coupled with a quest for technology to out-duel our toughest foe. But even as we bask in the
  • Chief of Staff of the Air Force's Scope: Aircraft Maintenance Units

    As Chief of Staff, I'm responsible for organizing, training, and equipping our Air Force to be the most lethal fighting organization on the planet. To prepare for combat, we train like we fight...so it only makes sense that we should also organize the way we fight. When most of our flying squadrons deploy, they do so as complete packages with both
  • Chief of Staff of the Air Force's Scope: SERE Training

    Airmen are engaged around the world in a fight different from the one we envisioned years ago. Today's battlefields are non-linear and non-contiguous, changing shape and venue, and Airmen are assigned to many non-traditional roles outside the wire. On yesterday's battlefields, it was much easier to designate who would and would not cross into enemy
  • Iceman One weighs in

    Fellow Icemen, let me begin by thanking you for an amazing welcome! The change of command ceremony you put on was superb--honoring to our Wing and to the heritage of the profession of arms. Melinda and I are thankful for your efforts and humbled by your warm reception. More than 10 years ago we had the privilege of serving at Elmendorf AFB, one of