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  • Stress: Don't let it control you

    Your air expeditionary force cycle is coming up. You just received permanent change-of-station orders. An exercise is around the corner and you still need to prep for the Unit Compliance Inspection. And that's just work. Add a home life, and your demands and stressors seem endless. It's impossible to eliminate everyday stress factors from our
  • Adapt or Die

    The three words stood emblazoned on the small plaque behind the Colonel's head. In his typical freight-train style he was explaining his philosophy to me - the new LT. We have those moments early in our careers when we hear something from a senior leader that sticks with us. I was having my moment. Heard well before the flat world described by

    The FOURTH of JULY...even saying it out loud makes me feel good and smile! The Middle of the Summer...baseball....hotdogs...ice cream...maybe a Parade or a round of Golf...BUT always ending with FIREWORKS! Yes, the Misawa Airmen will remind me of the sea fog and fireworks sometimes pushed off to Labor Day...but you'll be thinking of FIREWORKS!
  • Focus, discipline, caring key assets to success

    The demands of serving in today's Air Force are great. High operations tempo, limited resources, fewer people, and multiple AEF deployments challenge us to be at our very best. When I was asked to provide a leadership perspective, I reflected not only on a few great leadership books I've read, but more so on leadership lessons that have come from
  • SECAF Letter to Airmen: Force Reduction Update

    Probably the most difficult part of my job as your Secretary is releasing patriotic Americans from serving in our Air Force, but it is a step we nevertheless must take. One of the duties we have as Airmen is assuring future Airmen that they will be as capable and confident to accomplish the mission as we are today. We are faced with the need to
  • We are called Airmen

    What do we call a person who drives trucks in the Marines, regardless of rank or position? No, this isn't a joke. You call them a Marine. Every Marine is trained and ready to perform as a member or leader of a rifle platoon. What do we call a food service specialist in the Army? This isn't a joke or a trick question either. You call them a Soldier.
  • Are you fit to fight?

    Are you physically ready to meet the challenges of the Air Force? For some, this is a very easy question to answer. For others, it is not. We are now in the third year of theĀ current fitness standards. When this program was introduced, I was not ready. Thankfully, we had a one-year grace period to get ready. The Air Force chief of staff directed
  • Air Force doctrine informs Airmen

    It is critically important that we as Airmen understand how we contribute to the Air Force Mission to "Deliver sovereign options for the defense of the United States and its Global interests-- To Fly and Fight in Air, Space and Cyberspace." Every Airman provides a capability that integrates with other capabilities to enable our mission. However,
  • Step into Spring

    Approximately, fifty people "Stepped into Spring" with a non-competitive 5k May 1. People came out to enjoy the great weather and to jump-start their fitness programs. As people prepare for a more active lifestyle this summer there are fitness guidelines to follow to help make it injury free and effective. May is National Sports and Fitness month,
  • A fireman's story

    You never think it could happen to you. According to the National Fire Protection Association, candles are becoming an increasingly prevalent cause of home fires. Candles start fires in more than 18,000 homes and the numbers are rising every year. According to the National Candle Association, seven out of 10 households use candles. Many people