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  • Give your paralegals a smile May 1

    May 1 is Law Day, a day set aside by our nation to recognize the importance of law and legal professionals in our nation. Years ago when my kids were little, they asked me, "Daddy, so what is your job?" I had to think on that one, and finally I told them, "I help people solve problems." Satisfied, and understanding, they went off to play. That's
  • Tips to prevent colon cancer

    Colorectal cancer is the medical term used to describe cancer that develops in the colon and rectum. The colon, commonly called the large intestine or large bowel, is a muscular tube that is roughly five feet long. The function of this organ is to absorb water as well as mineral nutrients from the food we eat. The rectum is the final six inches of
  • Children regardless of age may still need booster seats

    Sierra, my nine year old daughter loves to let me know that she is growing and getting taller every day (as if I couldn't tell!) She is now a whopping 59 pounds and 4'5" tall. When most of us were that age, we were calling "shotgun" and fighting over the coveted front seat in the family car. The only reason we used phone books as boosters was to
  • "Cosmo" An aviator remembered

    The morning of Feb. 26, 2004 brought sad news of a heart-breaking incident from the night prior--an aircraft crash at Eielson Air Force Base. Details would be sketchy at work later that day; except for one fact--the Iceman family had lost one of its own. Later, it would become clear what had happened. Maj. Jonathan Scheer, flying A-10 78-700, had
  • When in doubt, bust it out

    With the exercise season quickly approaching, don't get caught off guard by a multitude of for¬eign guests. In the coming exercises, Red Flag-Alaska will host more than 300 participants from several countries, including France, Australia, Japan, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom. Throughout the summer, the base will welcome Foreign Attachés and
  • Myths and facts on sexual assaults

    It's time to take a stand. Installations around the world raise awareness regarding the alarming trend of sexual assault across the United States. This year's National Sexual Assault Awareness Month theme encourages people to "Stand up against sexual assault...make a difference." Air Force base sexual assault prevention and response offices seeks
  • More to dental health than just brushing

    Everyone knows how to brush their teeth; the question is do we actually remember being taught? Most people assume that tooth brushing is an inborn trait that doesn't require instruction. Simply moving the brush around on the teeth won't cut it. Truth is most people are doing it wrong and, as dentists, we can only assume that our patients are doing
  • You just never know what life is going to throw at you

    Life is like the weather, if you don't like it, just wait ... Two years ago I received orders to Eielson to be a squadron section commander for the 354th Maintenance Squadron. I was ecstatic; that was exactly what I'd hoped for--well, at least the Alaska part. I had just re-cored out of financial management and was looking to dig my heels into my
  • It seemed like a good idea at the time

    Jeff Foxworthy has nothing on my family. No kidding - this really happened. I grew up in an old farmhouse. My older brother Joey and I lived upstairs, where the only source of electricity was a bare bulb hanging in the center of the room, to which we ran a spider web of extension cords. Dad's an electrical engineer, so he decided to bring the upper
  • Holy warrior reflects on life, service

    When you read this, I'll have celebrated my 50th birthday ... hard to believe. Another milestone in my life will happen in April - I'll have 20 years of total service in the United States Air Force. Also, hard to believe. Attaining two milestones within a month forces me to reflect a little bit on life and service. So, spend a little time with me