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  • Important TRICARE pharmacy benefit change in effect now

    As of October 1, a new law requires all TRICARE beneficiaries, except active-duty service members, to get select brand-name maintenance drugs through either TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery or from a military pharmacy.Beneficiaries who keep using a retail pharmacy for these drugs will have to pay the full cost.Maintenance drugs are drugs you take
  • Eielson ceremonial guardsmen honor Barrow veteran

    As a member of the Eielson Air Force Base Honor Guard, I am mandated by Congress to render final military honors to Air Force veterans, retirees and Airmen who die on active duty.Eielson's area of responsibility is the largest in the Air Force at 300,000 square miles. We cover the entire northern half of Alaska. Our latest funeral request sent us
  • Why I wear teal: They deserve a voice

    Editor's note: this story is part of a series featuring Victim Advocates across the 354th Fighter Wing. To view the previous story, click here.When I joined the Air Force in 2006, I didn't know about the Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program. I had no idea of the climate of sexual assault in the Air Force. I was naïve. Although the SAPR
  • Why I wear teal: We all face hardship

    Editor's note: this story is part of a series featuring Victim Advocates across the 354th Fighter Wing. To view the previous story, click here.Imagine a 17-year-old girl, naïve and sheltered by her parents who has had no interaction with guys. When she turned 17 her parents let her start dating, yet no one seemed interested in her. Then one day on
  • Why I wear teal: It starts from within

    Editor's note: this story is part of a series featuring Victim Advocates across the 354th Fighter Wing. For the first part, click here."I want you to know what happens to girls like you."These were some of the final words said to me minutes before I was shipped to Basic Military Training by an Army major, who sat me down and explained my likely
  • Legal tip: useful identity theft prevention tools

    On June 4, the Office of Personnel Management announced a cyber security breach that may have exposed the personal information of more than four million Federal civilian employees. The personal data of military members may have been compromised, but we don't know yet. Some news reports say as many as 18 million government employees' personal
  • Legal tip: gift cards

    As we've written before, gifts can be a tricky issue between government employees. How much can they cost? Who can give them? When is it appropriate to give gifts in the office setting? The subject today is: gift cards.You may remember that there is a de minimis gift exception, which means gifts under $20 are usually OK in any circumstances. This
  • Legal tip: gifts from subordinates

    A few years ago, a supervisory contract specialist at a base was terminated after it was discovered that she had accepted gifts valued at $2,820 from a subordinate. Despite the employee's claims of not knowing it was prohibited by the ethics rules, an administrative judge affirmed the termination of her 20-year Federal career.Don't let your
  • Meet your Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Team

    The Eielson Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office is supported by 17 victim advocates across the base. After someone experiences a sexual assault they don't always know what to do. If a survivor tells a friend or a family member, many loved ones aren't sure how they can help the survivor. This is where the victim advocates (VA) can
  • Fluoride: Friend or Foe?

    There is no denying that we are living in an information age, where online resources are readily available at our fingertips. With anti-fluoride propaganda flooding the Internet and the recent Federal government announcement of recommending lowering the fluoride level in drinking water, it can be difficult to decipher whether fluoride is friend or