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  • New place, new life

    An Airman's first duty station is monumental to his or her Air Force career. It can make or break the road to success. Try to think back to when you received your orders for your first duty assignment. Were you happy with what you saw? Maybe you were upset. At the very least, I am willing to bet that you were either excited or confused.For me, it
  • Decreasing DUIs - can we do more?

    When leaving base, slowing crawling along at 15 MPH driving past the guard station, are your eyes pulled to the DUI sign? Mine always are. Every time, it's with anticipation that I wait to see what's on that sign. The sign passes behind as I accelerate away, but I can't get that sign out of my mind. It makes me mad when the sign is reset for a new
  • Remember?

    I recall reading about a group of people hiking along the edge of a wooded area. At one point they spotted tombstones just inside the tree line that were overgrown with brush.They cleared away branches and weeds from one of the markers. To their surprise and dismay the following words were revealed, "We will never forget their sacrifice." A well
  • Heritage

    Do you know your heritage? I don't mean who your great grandparents were, I mean where your part of the Air Force came from. Can you talk about the successes of your career field? Can you talk about how your career field has been a part of Air Force operations over our history?Maybe I'm fortunate because Security Forces has some "sexy" bits to our
  • Eielson 2012

    Here we are at the beginning of another new year. In 2011, you've put in long hours, survived five major large-force exercises, numerous Operational Readiness Exercises, a Logistics Compliance Assessment Program inspection and PACAF's Consolidated Unit Inspection. As a team, we've persevered through all these events, while still managing daily
  • Promoting Cultural Awareness: American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

    November marked the 21st anniversary of the observance of American Indian and Alaskan Native Heritage Month. President George H.W. Bush made the proclamation in 1990 and declared 1992 as the "Year of the American Indian" by way of congressional legislation.The U.S. Military has a long and storied tradition of extraordinary contributions from
  • 70th Anniversary Attack on Oahu

    Today marks the 70th anniversary of the December 7, 1941, attacks on Oahu. It is important that we take a moment to reflect and remember this seminal event in our nation's history. December 7th is the day that lives in infamy. It is the day we got caught with our guard down. And it was tragic, to be sure. On that fateful Sunday morning more than
  • What will be your legacy?

    One of a leader's greatest responsibilities is to make sure their subordinates are given the opportunity to acquire skills and tools to go as far in their careers as the leader, if not further. If this responsibility is not met, then the organization and its most valuable resource, people, go underserved by leadership. For the Air Force, this means
  • Legacy, Foundation, Destiny

    Almost five months ago when I took command of the 354th Operations Group, I said to the Airmen gathered for the event that our Air Force was going to change in the coming months and years. In a speech I expected no one to remember, I mentioned our coming fiscal constraints and challenged us to view these as something other than a threat. As many of
  • Proven Air Force Core Values

    The Air Force Core Values were established for us as a guiding light along a path that is of a higher standard than other professions because of the awesome power and responsibility entrusted to us by the American people.Under the veil of Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do, is our own personal interpretation of what