The Power of One

EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska -- Have you ever wanted a chance to speak directly, yet anonymously with the Wing Commander? From now until March 19, the 354 FW Equal Opportunity Office will provide you your chance.

The 354 FW/EO has sent out the wing Unit Climate Assessment, a commander's tool which provides an assessment of the human relations climate at the installation.

The UCA gives you the "power of one," the ability of one individual to make a positive difference in our fighter wing. Think about it, an on-line survey, assessing areas such as job environment, leadership, equal opportunity, etc., that gives the wing commander useful data to gauge how people on base view their climate. By participating with the survey process, you have an opportunity to make Eielson AFB a better place to work, live, and play.

If you take the time to participate in the climate assessment, you are becoming a part of a positive solution and not just complaining about problems.

The wing commander utilizes the survey results to gain a sense of what is happening with human relations on the base. Senior leaders depend upon honest information to make decisions or changes to improve the human relations climate for team Eielson.

The survey is administered online, password protected and anonymous. In addition, the information received is processed at Patrick AFB, further adding to survey anonymity. As a final security measure, if you belong to a demographic group and you are the only male or female minority in a unit, your demographic information is "blacked out" in the system.

"Anyone who takes the survey must be able to speak without reprisal and should be forthright and honest. If a person is being tactful, yet honest, and is reprised against, that is a foul," said Col. Karlton Johnson, commander, 354th Mission Support Group.

If you want to exercise your "power of one" to change things on base for the better, take a few moments out of your day, and get involved with the 354 FW/EO UCA. Your responses and your comments will make a difference!