CSAF's Scope: Reorganization of Wing Maintenance and Logistics

WASHINGTON -- As Chief of Staff, I'm responsible for organizing, training, and equipping our Air Force to be the most lethal fighting organization on the planet.  

The squadron is the building block of the Air Force structure and must be organized for success.  I believe the most effective formula is to structure our squadrons by mission, not by function. 
In a previous Scope I said we would look at reorganizing our squadrons to better prepare for combat.  I've taken inputs from across the Air Force from crew chiefs to commanders.  To prepare for combat, we train like we fight...so it only makes sense that we should also organize the way we fight.  Aircraft maintenance is a vital element of a flying squadron's mission at home or deployed, and the maintainers that generate sorties belong in that chain of command.  

Accordingly, this coming year we will begin aligning maintenance units responsible for sortie generation together with their flying squadrons in our fighter and CSAR units.  I'm still examining options to ensure we have the right organizational solutions for our remaining platforms.
Transitioning the Air Maintenance Units also presents an opportunity to create a new process-aligned structure that better supports our flying wings and combatant commanders.  Therefore, simultaneously Maintenance Groups across the Air Force will deactivate and in their place, Materiel Groups will stand up.  The Materiel Group will enhance logistics enterprise integration at the wing level and contain the Logistics Readiness Squadron, Aerial Port Squadrons, and the remaining maintenance squadrons.  

This alignment consolidates traditional logistics functions under a single logistics leader in the wing, positions the logistics community for future transformational initiatives, and better prepares our maintenance and logistics readiness officers for senior leader positions.
I'm determined to get this right to maximize our ability to generate combat air power.  Our goal with these changes will be to develop and take care of Airmen, our greatest resource, and allow them to have the same focus on the mission - whether in combat or training, whether at home station or deployed. Fly, Fight, and Win!