Chief of Staff of the Air Force's Scope: Aircraft Maintenance Units

WASHINGTON -- As Chief of Staff, I'm responsible for organizing, training, and equipping our Air Force to be the most lethal fighting organization on the planet. To prepare for combat, we train like we fight...so it only makes sense that we should also organize the way we fight.

When most of our flying squadrons deploy, they do so as complete packages with both operators and maintainers. They normally operate as one team under one commander with one goal to produce combat air power. Why should we organize differently when we are at home station? This is the question I've been asking Airmen across the Air Force from crew chiefs to commanders. I'm determined to get this right to maximize our ability to generate combat air power.

Since our platforms have different missions and employment methods, we're examining options to ensure we have the right organizational solutions for our varied flying missions. Our goal with any future changes will be to take care of Airmen, our greatest resource, and allow them to have the same focus on the mission - whether in combat or training, whether at home station or deployed.