Eielson Embraces Veterans Recruitment Act

EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska -- The Eielson AFB Civilian Personnel Section uses the Veterans Recruitment Appointment to fill critical civilian vacancies. Formerly known as the Veterans Readjustment Appointment, the VRA is a special authority to hire an eligible veteran without competition.

The 354th Fighter Wing wants to fill its vacancies and help veterans transition and adjust to the local labor market along the way. Veterans bring a great deal of experience and leadership to the local labor pool. Using VRA helps the CPS fill these vacancies with this incredible resource.

Agencies can use the VRA authority to fill positions up through the grade of GS-11 and the equivalent a VRA appointee is initially hired for a two-year period. Successful completion of the two-year VRA appointment leads to a permanent civil service appointment. 

Honorably discharged veterans who meet at least one of the following criteria are eligible for VRA: 30% compensable veteran; a veteran who served on active duty during a war declared by Congress or served in a campaign and was awarded a campaign badge or the Armed Forces Service Medal; or a veteran separated from active duty within the past three years.

The 354th Fighter Wing, in partnership with AFGE Local 1836, has paved the way to support current employees' right to compete for vacant jobs, while identifying jobs vets may apply for as a VRA direct-hire. Once a quarter, Eielson employees are surveyed on their interest in current vacancies. Those positions that have either received no interest by employees or have been previously announced and competed in the last 12 months are placed on Eielson's VRA eligible list.

Veterans who wish to be considered for a VRA eligible position must still meet the basic qualification requirements for the position. Eielson's CPS has established a simple protocol for veterans interested in one of Eielson's VRA eligible jobs. Veterans are asked to submit a hard copy package comprised of a comprehensive USAJobs resume, DD Form 214 (or equivalent) and a simple cover letter stating they wish to be considered for specific position(s) (up to three) as a VRA direct-hire. For compensable vets, a copy of their VA certification is also required. Packages can be either dropped off at CPS in Amber Hall, Room 141, or mailed to:

354 Broadway St Unit 19A
Eielson AFB, AK 99702

Veterans interested in VRA should visit: http://www.fedshirevets.gov/hire/hm/shav/ for more detailed information on eligibility.

The Eielson CPS applauds the service of veterans, and wants to reminds each one of them there are still opportunities to continue service to the nation on the home front, and we would be proud to have them join the Iceman team.

Available Veterans Recruitment Appointment Eligible Positions

Eielson Air Force Base
GS-0301-09, Military Personnel Systems Specialist
GS-0203-07, Human Resources Assistant (Recruitment/Placement, OA)
WG-5402-08, Boiler Plant Worker
GS-1102-11, Contract Specialist
WG-5309-10, Boiler Plant Equipment Mechanic
GS-0201-09, Human Resources Specialist (Recruitment & Placement)
WG-5408-09, Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator
GS-0303-06, Unit Program Coordinator
WG-2504-10, Wire Communications Cable Splicer
GS-0326--05, Office Management Assistant
GS-0560-09, Budget Analyst

Clear Air Station
GS-1701-09, Family Day Care Coordinator
GS-0081-07, Firefighter (Hazardous Materials Tech/Basic Life Support)
GS-1702-05, Educational Technician (Child Development)
WG-5402-08, Boiler Plant Worker
GS-0510-11, Accountant (NAF)
WG-5701-08, Coal and Rail Equipment Operator
GS-0101-09, Work/Life Specialist
WG-2606-11, Electronic Industrial Controls Mech (High Voltage)