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  • Breaking habits, embracing change: An Airman's journey over time

    I don’t like change. I am a creature of habit; I find comfort in the familiar and in establishing routine. For most of my life, I felt like I struggled to make connections with new people and it took a long time for me to grow comfortable in new environments; so I did my best to avoid it. This continued until the day I joined the Air Force.
  • Making it full-circle

    When I enlisted in the Air Force 14 years ago, a seasoned master sergeant told me, “You’ll see a lot of things change in your career, and if you stay in long enough, you’ll even see some of those things go back to the way they were when you first came in.” But it wasn’t until I in-processed at the Eielson Air Force Base finance office that I was able to see the master sergeant’s prediction come to fruition.