CSAF visits Eielson

  • Published
  • By Staff Report
  • 354th Fighter Wing / Public Affairs

U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., visited Eielson Air Base, Alaska, August 12 to engage with the Icemen who live and work here.

Brown’s Eielson visit was just one stop on a tour of the Indo-Pacific, during which he visited several military installations and met with representatives from allied and partner nations. While at Eielson, Brown spoke with Icemen about the importance of the wing’s mission and the teams who execute it every day.

“We’re the most respected air force in the world, not because of our capabilities and our equipment, but because of our Airmen,” said Brown.

During the visit, Brown received a mission and arctic strategy brief from Eielson leadership. He toured the installation, including the flightline, to discuss RED FLAG-Alaska operations and airfield modernization. He also met with Airmen and held an all-call for Icemen where he discussed recent and upcoming changes to Air Force policies and addressed quality of life issues facing all personnel living here.

“I understand Eielson is a unique location, so I ask you to challenge the status quo,” said Brown. “If you have an idea for a program that would solve a local problem, create it. Our goal is to provide you the opportunity, the intent, the authority and, to the best of our ability, provide you the resources to be able to do these things. And if there’s something in your way, whether it’s an Air Force Instruction or a local policy, I want to know about it.”

Brown concluded his visit by coining superior performers and thanking the entire Iceman team for their dedication to mission success.

“I very much appreciate the opportunity to spend a little time with the Iceman team, but more importantly I appreciate what you do,” said Brown. “I appreciate what you do for our Air Force and what you do for our nation. We could not do what we do without you.”