Your voice matters! Families encouraged to participate in annual DoD Tenant Satisfaction Survey

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  • 354th Fighter Wing

The Department of the Air Force requests tenants of privatized housing and government-owned family housing provide their feedback of the program via the annual Department of Defense Tenant Satisfaction Survey available beginning October 17, 2022.

A link to the survey will be emailed to one member of each household and they will have until December 1, 2022 to submit their feedback. The Air Force is funding the survey while an independent party administers the survey. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) control number is: 0704-0553, exp. 5/31/2025.

By using a third-party firm, service members and their families can provide open, honest, and completely anonymous feedback on living in privatized and government-owned housing. No personally identifiable information will be included in the result data provided to the Air Force or any project owners. The survey data will be shared with housing program leaders to continue improving housing experiences.

“The annual survey is an opportunity for housing tenants to provide honest feedback to Air Force housing officials, installation leaders and privatized housing projects’ owners. This is the critical survey which will impact change in their privatized housing experience,” said Diana Keener, Eielson Air Force Base privatized housing resident advocate. 

Housing strives to be a positive quality of life program. Therefore, the survey is vital to shape the evolution of improvements and housing services to provide tenants the best possible housing experience.

The survey results guide the decisions the Department of the Air Force makes today and will impact future generations of service members and their families.

“Resident feedback helps to target areas for improvement, budget allocation and changes to the program on a local level, here at Eielson and also in the broader privatized housing program,” said Keener. 

The survey has been distributed in varying forms since the start of the privatized housing program in the mid-1990s.  Although the survey is confidential and housing tenants will not be linked in any way, comments provided in the survey will receive the appropriate attention to resolve any household related issues.

Tenants should check their primary email they provided to housing to ensure the survey link is sent appropriately from

For more information about the DoD annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey, tenants can contact their installation military housing office. If tenants do not receive the survey link by Oct. 21, then they can contact for assistance.