U.S. Northern Command to conduct Arctic Edge 2024

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  • U.S. Northern Command Public Affairs

PETERSON SPACE FORCE BASE, Colo. – U.S. Northern Command will conduct Arctic Edge 2024, a joint and combined multi-domain Field Training Exercise (FTX) involving extreme cold weather and high latitude environment training in various locations throughout Alaska Feb. 23 – March 11, 2024.

This exercise will include the command’s headquarters, USNORTHCOM components Special Operations Command North and Marine Forces North, along with participation from international allies and interagency representatives. State and local partners including the Alaska National Guard, Alaska state and local law enforcement, Alaska native tribes, corporations, and communities will also participate.

Additionally, North American Aerospace Defense Command will contribute additional capabilities to AE24 events to enhance integrated deterrence across strategic opportunities.

AE24 exercises will demonstrate USNORTHCOM’s and its subordinate command and components’ capabilities across multiple domains, including land, air, and maritime Arctic environments. Key objectives include testing existing and emerging processes, procedures, doctrine, and/or systems; building and reinforcing relationships with mission partners; assessing training audience readiness; and conducting tests and experiments that advance USNORTHCOM’s science and technology priorities in the Arctic.

Arctic Edge is an annual defense exercise designed to demonstrate that our forces are engaged, postured, and ready to assure, deter, and defend the U.S. and Canada in an increasingly complex Arctic security environment.


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