You've got mail: mailroom Icemen sort it out

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Joshua Turner
  • 354th FIghter Wing Public Affairs
For many Airmen stationed overseas sometimes the smallest letter or box from home can be the difference between a good day or a bad day.

Knowledge operations managers remain vigilant on the job to preserve Eielson's mission by ensuring communication channels, including mail, flow flawlessly within the 354th Fighter Wing.

U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Joseph McConnell and Brenda Medina work in the base mail room, working together to sort official squadron and dorm resident mail.

"Sorting packages is important," said Senior Airman Joseph McConnell, 354th Communications Squadron knowledge operations management journeyman. "It makes the job easier so that when we send official packages out to another base or hand out packages for dorm residents and squadrons, everything is already organized."

Knowledge operations managers ensure the safety of squadrons and dorm residents by utilizing an essential tool to check mail. An ion scan machine is used to assist in detecting explosive material in packages before reaching a recipient.

"Scanning packages helps in identifying explosives beforehand and prevents them from going through our office and into another's hands," McConnell said.

On average, the mail room sorts more than 30 pieces of mail and packages per day.

"Our most important job is scanning the mail for potential hazards," Medina said, "and safeguarding official mail as it could contain classified material."

The mail room plays in important role in the Eielson mission by storing official mail, classified material and ensuring all mail is free from any hazards. But they don't just deal in physical mail.

Along with ensuring packages are safe and ready to be received, knowledge operations managers maintain the SharePoint for the base. SharePoint is an Intranet system which offers Eielson the ability to share working documents with different agencies on the base. It is an easy way to move information quickly and effectively in a digital format.

Knowledge operations managers set up the SharePoint sites and give authorized personnel permission to access documents.

The collective efforts of these Knowledge operations Icemen, help ensure streams of Eielson information are under watchful eyes.