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Fact Sheet Alphabetical List

  • Helpful Links

    FARsite - This website contains the most current Federal Acquisition Regulation and all of its supplements. The FAR is the foundation for government contracting. DoD Business OpportunitiesDavis-Bacon Act Wage Determinations (Used in Construction-type contracts) Service Contract Act Wage Determinations (Used in Service-type contracts)
  • Payment Inquiries

    The designated payment office for Eielson AFB is the Defense Finance & Account Service located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Payment inquiries on contract actions issued for Eielson can be checked through the DFAS Vendor Pay Inquiry System or by contacting the DFAS-Hawaii Customer Support Center at (888) 222-6950.
  • Small Business Information

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our small business representative at (907) 377-4183 or e-mail 354cons.cc@eielson.af.mil. Small Business Administration - Official Website of the Small Business Administration Air Force Small Business Online - Check out this site for the latest information affecting Small Businesses doing
  • Employment

    If you are interested in a Civil Service position on Clear Air Station or Eielson Air Force Base, please refer to the Air Force Personnel Center Web site. Once there, click on the "Job kit" link for instructions on how to apply, or contact the Recruitment Center at (800) 699-4473. Information is also available at the Eielson Civlian Personnel
  • Lodging

    Goldrush Inn  The Goldrush Inn front desk is located in 540 North Street, Building 2270, on the corner of Central Avenue and North Street. All buildings are located within walking distance to the Two Seasons Dining Facility, Yukon Club, Shopette, Base Exchange, and Commissary. All Goldrush Inn facilities are equipped with laundry facilities and ice
  • 354th Contracting Squadron

    The 354th Contracting Squadron consists of three separate flights: Acquisition Flight (Construction) leads market research; provides business advice and acquisition planning for solicitation, executes award, and performs contract administration; and ensures performance management for all installation acquisition requirements relating to the
  • 354th Civil Engineer Squadron

    Eielson AFB covers 19,790 acres of land and has 1,476 family housing units, 522 dorm rooms, 715 buildings, and infrastructure worth over $3.8B. Adding 16 remote sites, these numbers increase to 775 buildings and 67,217 acres of land. These facilities are constructed, maintained and operated under the direction of the 354th Civil Engineer Squadron.
  • Air Force Engineering and Technical Services

    Mission "Air Force Engineering and Technical Services professionals.... Providing experienced and dedicated technical support - - Delivering the world's most combat responsive and mission effective technical advice, assistance, and training to combat Air Force units - - anytime, anywhere." Our customers: Warfighting CINCs CAF aircraft Logistics
  • 354th Maintenance Squadron

    The 354th Maintenance Squadron provides heavy aircraft maintenance and munitions support for the Wing's F-16 and A-10 aircraft. In addition, the squadron provides aircraft maintenance and munitions support to Cope Thunder, transient, and special mission aircraft operating at Eielson AFB. In this squadron are the command staff, avionics, propulsion,