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  • TRICARE Information

    What is TRICARE? TRICARE is a health care program for active duty, their eligible family members, their survivors and eligible retired military personnel and their family members. TRICARE is designed to: 1) improve timely access to health care 2) maintain a high quality of care 3) offer more services and a full range of specialists 4) give
  • Travel to/from Fairbanks Airport

    Commercially operated taxi or shuttle services are the only available options. Taxi services to and from Fairbanks can cost as much as $100 or more.
  • Travel Tips

    1. Plan your trip, be flexible, be patient and be ready for unexpected expenses, (i.e., hotels, meals, taxis, commercial air fare).2. If possible, travel at off-peak Space A travel periods (i.e., summer months after school is dismissed and holiday periods). Historically, Feb-Apr and Sep-Oct are low travel periods.3. When traveling on C-12 aircraft