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  • Give moose their space

    Airmen and their families are often concerned about close encounters with moose. Historically, moose are not aggressive but will defend themselves if they perceive a threat. When people act carelessly and don't see moose as potentially dangerous, they may approach too closely and put themselves at risk. Several moose live on Eielson; therefore,
  • Fuels flight battles arctic cold to accomplish mission

    The thermometer reads 42 degrees below zero as Airmen zip up their cold-weather gear in preparation for a daily check of the bulk fuel storage tanks. For the 13-person team from the fuels bulk storage facility, working at the farthest-north Air Force base in the world - located 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle - presents these Airmen with
  • Eielson helps Airmen move into new homes in a hurry

    A ghost town now exists at Eielson AFB where 300 families once lived. Blanketed in several feet of snow, artic winter winds whistle through the solitary Sprucewood homes section of base housing. Before the bitter winter had set in, the more than 300 Airmen and their families called this area home. Following a dispute with the owner of this
  • Blue Foxes receive new gear

    The 18th Fighter Squadron recently procured an important war-fighting upgrade that will help keep them at the tip of the spear. Blue Fox pilots have incorporated a new helmet that features the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, a system which improves breathing and radio communication as well as better head protection. The upgrade, which runs at
  • Airmen help support 1,000-mile dog sled race

    Interior Alaska's formidable winter chill couldn't deter Airmen from Eielson from volunteering to help support the local community during the Yukon Quest, the 1,000-mile international dog sled race. More than 160 Airmen braved temperatures-- at times dipping to 40 degrees minus zero-- to help man the North Pole Dog Drop, a check-point for mushers
  • New spring construction underway

    Eielson's busy construction season starts this spring. As far as new construction goes, Eielson is about to be hit with the perfect storm. Rarely does a base experience three large, community-focused construction projects in a single year. Base personnel will see the beginnings of a new base exchange, chapel and fitness center addition all along
  • Personnel Records Readiness: Are you protecting your family?

    Safeguarding important papers is something we all have been taught to do. Some of us lock them in a box underneath the bed; others store them in a safety deposit box, or tuck them away in a 'secret' coffee can. Whatever the method, we know these papers must be kept safe. But what is the point in securing these papers if they don't protect your
  • Verifying records, personal information may effect promotions

    There are many things Airmen can do to affect their chances for promotion, but perhaps the most important is ensuring their personal information is correct. Missing or inaccurate enlisted or officer performance reports, decorations, awards and citations can affect promotion scores for senior airmen through general officers. While some decorations
  • Updating personnel records readiness vital to mission

    Nobody can predict the twists and turns that life can take, but with a little bit of preparation Airmen can make the best of any situation. The Air Force Personnel Center has designated March as Personnel Records Readiness Month. Military members should use this opportunity to review such items as their virtual record of emergency data, or vRed,