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  • New organization designed for Airmen

    A new association now gives Airmen a chance to voice their opinions and be at the forefront of change: Airmen Committed to Excellence. A.C.E. is private, non-profit organization reserved for the Airman tier (E-1 through E-4) and is in many ways like the Top 3 and Eielson 56 organizations; it is the only private organization that gives Eielson's
  • Eielson law enforcement reaches out to BEHS students

    Investigators from the 354th Security Forces Squadron took a detour from regular day-to-day operations to demonstrate to local high school students the intricacies of forensic science Jan. 30 at the Ben Eielson Junior/Senior Highschool. The students of Ben Eielson Junior/Senior High School received an abridged forensics lesson about theories such
  • Icemen battle for first place at X-Treme Challenge

    The ball went whizzing past his head and another one just narrowly missed hitting his left leg. He dove to the ground to avoid the next onslaught of oversized red rubber balls, but his right leg wasn't quick enough and it took the full force of the hit, knocking him out of the game. This was the scene as more than 20 teams vied for supremacy in
  • Leadership symposium provides insight to senior leaders, spouses

    The Air Force of today is more efficient, imposing and effective than at any other time in the nation's history. A significant contributor to that fact is the support of dedicated family members who sacrifice every day so the mission can continue smoothly. But Air Force spouses often have the limited purview of only their military member's working
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