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  • PACAF enters 2019 with renewed mission, vision, priorities

    Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., Pacific Air Forces commander, kicked off 2019 reflecting on the command’s previous year’s accomplishments and showcasing the renewed command mission, vision and priorities.
  • Fighting enamel cruelty

    Poor dental hygiene can leave lasting effects upon anyone, even a small tooth ache can gnaw away at your sanity and distract you from an important task. Thankfully, the 354th Medical Group provides Airmen a line of defense against tooth decay with the dental clinic, or “Molar Bears,” as they call themselves.
  • Exceptional support for exceptional families

    For a family with a special-needs loved one, it is challenging to find the services they need after a Per-manent Change of Station. To help relieve this strain, the Air Force implemented the Exceptional Fami-ly Member Program. The EFMP is now at each base to help families find and coordinate the resources they need.
  • Controlling Ground and Air

    Each day military members go to work with the mission in mind. As with any job, a little stress is inevitable, but for air traffic controllers the lives of others are in their hands. Situated 120 feet above the ground inside of the control tower, air traffic controllers have eyes on every corner of the flight line. From this vantage point they provide landing and takeoff instructions to pilots and also track and control movement of aircraft on the ground and in the air.
  • AGE betters with time

    The AGE mission is a year-round operation that directly supports the aircraft on base.
  • OCOLA town hall: Survey results may impact pay as early as March 2019

    During an Overseas Cost of Living Allowance (OCOLA) town hall held on base Dec. 12, 2018, representatives from the 354th Comptroller Squadron (CPTS) provided information and answered questions concerning the ongoing OCOLA survey. The survey, which is accessible until Dec. 31, 2018, will generate results impacting service member pay as early as March 2019.
  • Dirt Boyz

    The Dirt Boyz are charged with maintaining the Eielson flight line and ensuring it is operationally safe for aircraft to take off and land.
  • Need more OCOLA? A 30-minute survey could make it happen

    From a single cart of groceries that can cost more than $500, to higher gas prices, living in the Last Frontier can quickly burn a hole in your wallet. Uniformed service members in Alaska have the opportunity to influence their Overseas Cost of Living Allowance and keep more of their hard-earned dollars.
  • Eielson Airmen build partnerships, reach out to Alaskan businesses

    Members of the 354th Fighter Wing joined their Army counterparts at an industry event, which reached out to local business owners in Fairbanks and Anchorage, Nov. 14, 2018.