354th FSS hosts Raven Beddown 2024

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Carson Jeney
  • 354th Force Support Squadron

The 354th Force Support Squadron recently conducted a Ready Raven Beddown exercise aimed to refine readiness within the squadron and promote cohesiveness for future deployments, Jan. 6, 2024.


The exercise is based off the Ready Raven program which primarily tests the capabilities of housing Airmen, in the event of a deployment, in the Baker Field House gymnasium. About 100 Airmen from multiple Air Force Specialty Codes under the 354th FSS participated in the event.


“The Ready Raven program was developed from several other programs that were similar,” said Senior Master Sgt. Matthew Warden, 354th FSS senior enlisted leader. “We have a belief that small team environments will produce a greater outcome in the future when it comes to how we operate in a contested environment. Our squadron has eight teams, and they get after things like resiliency, personal and professional development, training, and recently we've layered on the readiness aspect.”


During the exercise, half of the Airmen set up a dining area, sleeping area, and a board game area. The other half of Airmen conducted physical training circuits. During dinner the 354th Fighter Wing chaplain corps gave a resiliency briefing, which was followed by morale, recreation, and welfare time.


“The teams do home station readiness training, any type of basic combat skills training, setting up combat kitchens, and building tents together while building a bond and connectedness throughout the organization,” said Warden. “Given the complexities of the future fight and what it includes here at Eielson it's important for us to continue to practice and get our folks squared away with what would be required of them in the event that it is necessary.”


The exercise gave junior enlisted a chance to practice deployment techniques and develop professional relationships.


“The exercise to me means a chance to learn and showcase basic beddown skills and techniques to help execute more effectively during a time of crisis whether it be on home soil or abroad,” said Airman 1st Class Jordan Smith, 354th FSS food service journeyman. “It also gave me an opportunity to build a strong bond between myself and fellow Airmen.”


This exercise reinforces the wings commitment to being ready at a moment’s notice to answer the call if strategic competitors challenge the security in the Indo-Pacific as outlined by Col. Paul Townsend, 354th Fighter Wing commander.