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  • Focus on fitness: Informal base running group challenges, encourages

    Some people are just born to run. They make running look swift, effortless and easy as they glide along a track or road. They can complete a 1.5-mile run in outstanding time and barely break a sweat. They run 5Ks and half marathons - and they love it. These people can be regarded by some as natural

  • CAP simulates threats, assists RF-A pilots

    During RED FLAG-Alaska, fighter aircraft dominate the skies. Participating forces identify hostile targets while waging a simulated war - but not all hostiles are fighters.Eielson's own Civil Air Patrol 71st Composite Squadron plays a role during RF-A by simulating Antonov An-2 Colts, primarily

  • Nondestructive inspection: Finding the cracks

    While playing football during physical training, an Airman hurts his arm. Thinking nothing of it, he brushes it off and continues playing. Though after weeks of excruciating pain and a visit to the medical group's radiology section, an x-ray finds his ulna is fractured. Aircraft undergo similar

  • Bringing fabrication to the fight

    The noise of metal being blasted by water jetting from a machine at Mach 3 overwhelms the room. On one side of the shop, joints creek under the extreme pressure of a metal press; sparks fly from another corner. In the 354th Maintenance Squadron's metals technology shop, Icemen can be found welding

  • Alaska by motorcycle: Unique experience bears uncommon hazards

    It's the middle of summer and motorcyclists continue to travel as many routes as possible throughout Alaska before the short, four-month riding season comes to a close. Daylight still illuminates the landscape well past 10 p.m. and while riding long stretches of highway with sparse traffic, it can

  • Aiming to reduce cost: Simulator produces accuracy, saves money

    As the action snaps back and the sound of the rifle cracks, the only thing missing to make the scenario real is the smell of burnt gun powder.Combat arms instructors from the 354th Security Forces Squadron utilize an engagement skills trainer to promote accuracy while saving hundreds of thousands of

  • Supplements 101: What are you taking?

    In today's military community, fitness is a key component to maintaining readiness. Whether performing a cardio routine or weightlifting, there are supplements that claim to offer an athletic advantage to increase performance in these areas.With a plethora of enticing options on the market,

  • Fire and ice: Icemen square off with live-fire training

    The temperature outside is a sweltering 90 degrees - a stark contrast to the harsh winters of Interior Alaska. Despite the heat, Eielson's firefighters continue to battle the burning aircraft in front of them.There is no emergency, however.The aircraft is for training purposes, and firefighters with

  • Eielson outdoor recreation: your ticket to Alaska summer adventures

    After a long Alaskan winter, warm weather and long days are finally in full swing.Opportunities to get out and about are everywhere, but it can be confusing and overwhelming to decide what to do or where to go, given all the choices, prices and locations.That's where Eielson's Outdoor Recreation

  • Airman reflects on 26 years of service

    Todd Kern, a young farm boy in Wisconsin, figured he was going nowhere.As a senior in high school, he spoke to an Air Force recruiter and he decided he wanted to do something better with his life.Kern's initial goal was to do four years in the Air Force and then get out and go back home. After