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  • Command Chief proud to be an Iceman, embraces future challenges

    For two years Chief Master Sgt. Jerry Moore has served as the 354th Fighter Wing command chief. He now prepares for his next assignment at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson as the 11th Air Force command chief. Recently, he shared his experiences at Eielson Air Force Base, crediting them with helping him become a better leader.Challenges faced while
  • 168th ARW maintainers keep aircraft mission ready

    If you spend time with aircraft maintenance personnel for any length of time, you soon realize they speak in a language few outside of their career field understand.For 168th Air Refueling Wing aircraft maintenance supervisor Staff Sgt. Josh Thompson, terms like, "one-one hundredths of a millimeter," "IFE's" (in flight emergency) and "push it to
  • Eielson Command Post: controllers operate as communicators and liaisons

    In Amber Hall's deep recesses, a small group keeps a watchful eye over the installation. Tucked out of sight, they work 'round-the-clock amidst flickering monitors, the chatter of radios and the faint sounds emitted from televisions with late-breaking news, prepared to disseminate any information critical to sustaining the mission at Eielson Air
  • Craycroft lady lets the walking do the talking

    From arid deserts to heavy rain showers and finally the frozen tundra of Interior Alaska, a long-time athlete proves that fitness is a state of mind. Thousands, if not millions of footsteps over scorching pavements and iced-covered roads characterize a motivated individual and her need to stay fit.Ten years ago, Kandi Vaillancourt, an avid walker
  • Women in History: Respect better earned

    Editor's note: "Women in History" is a four-part series portraying women currently stationed at Eielson who have positively made an impact.Whether bandaging a wounded soldier or working extended hours at the city factory, women have been contributing to the success of this nation long before wearing any military uniform. Women in the Air Force, as
  • Women in History: Leaving Air Force better than she found it

    History is filled with examples of women serving their country - women like Susan B. Anthony, who lobbied for women's suffrage rights, or U.S. Army  Gen. Ann Dunwoody, who became the first female four-star general in the U.S. military.One woman here continues that tradition of service.After more than two decades of service, Chief Master Sgt. Karen
  • Women in history: rising through the glass ceiling

    Editor's note: "Women in History" is a four-part series portraying women currently stationed at Eielson who have positively made an impact.Shannon Sherwin only intended on staying in the Air Force for four years, using it simply as a stepping stone into a career with the FBI. Sometimes, however, plans change, and now, 14 years later as a lieutenant
  • Women in history: Contributions of an Eielson contract specialist

    Editor's note: Women in History is a four-part series portraying women currently stationed at Eielson that have positively made an impact.Air Force duty for women was authorized on July 8, 1948. Today, of the more than 328,000 active duty members serving in the Air Force, nearly 19% are women. Airman 1st Class Jacqueline Bongard, 354th Contracting
  • Play a little, learn a lot: MWDs, handlers learn to trust

    Few bonds compare to the one that exists between a man and a canine, and the success of military working dogs and their handlers often depends on that bond.Military working dog handlers appreciate the importance of building a partnership with their assigned dog, knowing the sooner trust exists between the two, the more effective the team. It is a
  • Icemen Get Dirty: Power plant operations are electrifying Part II

    Editor's Note: Icemen Get Dirty is a series that takes an inside look at what it takes to be employed in various work environments. This is the second part of the series.In a narrow corridor, several workers wearing raincoats push a small plastic bullet through more than 1,000 small pipes. Using high-pressure water, they clean built up residue from