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  • Higher education leads to success

    Today's air expeditionary Airman is deploying longer and more often than ever before in a world of shrinking budgets, bonuses and manpower. However, one benefit that hasn't gone away in these changing times is the educational opportunities offered by the Air Force. Those opportunities are becoming more important for anyone considering the
  • Don’t get sidelined with a broken tooth

    It has been estimated that nearly five million teeth are "knocked out" each year resulting in roughly $500 million annually to replace or repair them. Sports-related injuries account for an estimated 15 to 40 percent of dental trauma, and attribute three times as many injuries as traffic accidents or violence. This is an enormous number, as many
  • Airman convicted, discharged

    Senior Airman Brandon Harris, 354th Maintenance Squadron, was convicted of shoplifting, government travel card abuse and identity theft during a court-martial Oct. 24. Airman Harris was represented by Capt. Michael Tewalt, Area Defense Counsel, and chose to be sentenced by a military judge alone. During the special court-martial, Airman Harris pled
  • Toy experts report to Santa

    Santa's top "advisors" convened at the Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska for the first-ever "Top of the World Toy Summit" Nov. 29. While none of Santa's advisors hold a college degree, or have ever worked at a major toy company, they did have one thing in common - they were all toy experts. These toy experts were 5 to 10-year-old military
  • Send Santa your Christmas wishlist

    Air Force volunteers are once again hosting Santa's Mailbag, a free holiday program that lets children from around the world request and receive a letter from Santa Claus, postmarked from North Pole, Alaska. "The Santa's Mailbag program started more than 50 years ago by members of the 58th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron to help Airmen assigned to
  • Airman trades leftovers for live game

    While most families were busy recuperating from their day-long Thanksgiving feasts, one staff sergeant donned his cold-weather gear, grabbed his compound bow and headed outside in search of a bull moose. Staff Sergeant Kyle Curtis was fairly confident he would get a moose; he just had to find one. "I saw a moose two days earlier, but misjudged the
  • Airman receives holiday call from President

    A member of the 506th Air Expeditionary Group at Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq, received a once-in-a-lifetime phone call from the commander in chief Nov. 23. Master Sgt. Stonnie Martin, 506th AEG contracting directorate, was one of only two Air Force personnel to get a Thanksgiving Day call from President George W. Bush. During the conversation,
  • Seeing Green

  • The Gift of Life