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  • New aggressor units expand training capabilities

    Unit changes at Nellis and Eielson Air Force bases have resulted in two wings that, together, create better opportunities for Air Force pilots to train for combat against potential adversaries. In January, the 65th Aggressor Squadron was reactivated under the 57th Adversary Tactics Group at Nellis AFB, Nevada. The 65th AGRS, an F-15 Eagle unit, is
  • New Web site primed for public debut

    Icemen can expect to see a new look on Eielson's public Web site beginning next week. An Air Force plan to consolidate and standardize the appearance of its sites has finally reached bases in the Pacific Air Forces command, and Eielson is the first site in PACAF to go "live." Eielson's migration to the new format began two weeks ago using the new
  • Eielson highlights wingman culture locally

    The Iceman Team will take a break from normal operations Nov. 22 to focus on another area essential to its mission success - taking care of each other. Eielson will join bases across Pacific Air Forces in teaching and reinforcing the Air Force's "wingman culture," a consciousness designed to strengthen the morale and welfare of units by devoting
  • Laser tag up and running

    A new laser tag system, one of Eielson's latest quality of life projects is officially up and running at the fitness center. More than $42,000 was spent by the 354th Fighter Wing to bring 16 machine pistols, two "Big Guns," two mines and ammo dumps, numerous inflatable blockades and computers to upload gaming information to determine team winners,
  • MADD honors top DUI officers

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving's Fairbanks Chapter held its three-year anniversary Sunday at West Valley High School. To commemorate the occasion MADD unveiled a new ad poster and bumper sticker which will soon be turning up all over base and in the Fairbanks community. MADD recognized local law enforcement top DUI officers from and around
  • Pod maintenance

  • Memorial honors American, Russian pilots

    Eielson's base honor guard was on hand to post the colors and raise the United States, Russian and Alaskan flags during the official ribbon cutting of the Alaska-Siberia Lend-Lease Memorial Sunday at Griffin Park in Fairbanks. American, Russian, French and Canadian dignitaries, to include Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, gathered here to honor
  • Critical issues briefed at CC call

    Base personnel were briefed on several critical issues that concern the future of the Iceman Team and Eielson Air Force Base during the Wing Commander's Call at the base theater here Aug. 16. Brig. Gen. Dave Scott, 354th Fighter Wing Commander, praised Eielson personnel for their continued excellence and outlined what the Iceman Team should be
  • For Sale Board moves to crossroads

    Due to network security vulnerability issues and violation of DoD and Air Force policy, Eielson's "For Sale Board" will move to the Air Force Crossroads Flea Market beginning Sept. 1. "The Flea Market is an electronic bulletin board where members and their families can post "For Sale" items and/or "Wanted" advertisements," said Maj. Michelle
  • Sprucewood housing hot topic among Icemen

    A town hall meeting was held Aug. 25 at the base theater to inform Sprucewood residents and to address questions and concerns regarding the upcoming move of the nearly 200 families living in the Sprucewood housing units on base. An estimated 300 people attended the meeting and pitched an hour and a half's worth of questions to the wing commander,